Here's a tremendous effect that I have used countless times and it's so easy to do.


Imagine, you ask a member of your audience if they know the names of the different playing cards (most people do). - You say, "Good, - I want you to take this pack of cards and just spread them out and pick out one that you fancy, but don't tell anyone your choice"

As you say this you lean towards him / her and hold out your empty hand, as if presenting a pack of cards to them. - However, when you get that questioning look, you explain that it's an "Invisible Pack of Cards", but all the names are the same as a real pack and the member of the audience simply has to spread them out and choose one.

This usually gets some laughter and especially when the victim starts to fan out the invisible pack and you say, - "I think you should take the cards out of the box first".

You encourage them to have a good look through the cards and then choose one and of course they can change their mind if they wish. - You'll always get a laugh when you stop them to pick up and invisible card they have accidentally dropped while looking through the pack.

Once they have made their mind up and settled on a chosen card, ask them to return the pack to you. You can ask them just to pop the pack back into the box and throw it back to you.

As you catch the pack it turns into a real Pack of cards, and it's at this point that you ask the spectator to name his chosen card.

You show them that they could have chosen any card out of the fifty two in the pack but for some strange reason they chose "- The Only Card In The Pack With a Different Coloured Back". -

This trick has an amazing effect on the audience and is really easy to do, so don't overlook it it can get your act off to a really amusing and amazing start. - It's great FUN

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The invisible cards are just a bit of fun, but they serve to prove that the member of the audience had a completely free choice with no forcing or psychological tricks influencing his selection.

All the by play of them searching through the Invisible Cards gives you ample opportunity to get your "Real Pack" in to a comfortable Palmed position, so that when they throw the Invisible Pack back to you you simple make a Catching movement and expose the Real Pack between your hands. (FIG. 1)

FIG. 1

FIG. 2

The trick is actually self-working and the real fun is in the presentation, hence all the by-play with the invisible cards.

The "Real Pack" is actually made up of half the pack - 26 Red Backed Cards and the other half - 26 Blue Backed Cards. - So you will need "Two Packs" to make up this trick.

To make up the trick, simply lay out the two packs on the table or on the floor and in the same order. Then take every alternate card from each pack.


Take the Ace of Hearts from the Red Backed Pack,- then the Two of Hearts from the Blue Backed Pack, - the Three of Hearts from the Red Backed Pack and the Four of Hearts from the Blue Backed Pack, - and simply continue until you have a complete pack of 52 cards (26 with Red backs and 26 with Blue backs).

Now give the Red Backed half of the pack a good shuffle to mix the cards and do the same with the Blue Backed half of the pack.

Put the TWO HALVES TOGETHER to give you a complete pack and I mark the centre point with a Joker, so that when spreading the cards Face Up I know exactly where one colour of Back ends and the other begins. (FIG. 3 & FIG. 4)

FIG. 3

FIG. 4

As I mentioned the trick is self-working, but it is IMPORTANT that when you produce the "Real Pack", you simply open the box and be sure to draw the cards out "FACE UP". (FIG. 2)

Now it only requires you to ask the spectator to finally "Name His Chosen Card" and you then simply run through the "Face Up" cards - emphasising they could have picked any card.

When you find the chosen cards you simply place that face up on the table or if not working at a table you can place it face up in the hands of the spectator who chose it.

If you reach the chosen card before the HALF-WAY point (that it before the Joker or marker card), then you simply replace the cards you've fanned through or counted off, back onto the face up deck. (FIG. 5 & FIG. 6)

FIG. 5

FIG. 6

However, when you reach the Mid-Point (Joker) , you must begin placing the cards on top of those you have already searched through. - Once you reach the chosen card, you again simply place it face up on the table or in the spectator's hands and just put the remainder of the cards on top of the (face up) cards you've already searched through. - (FIG. 7 & FIG. 8)

FIG. 7

FIG. 8

The trick is done - You now turn over the pack and casually spread the cards - face down, which let's everyone see the colour of the backs. - Just ensure that you don't spread beyond the half-way point or give the audience a glimpse of the backs of the cards in the lower section. - (FIG. 9)

As you do this, turning them over to show the faces as you say again, "You see you could have chosen any card, but for some strange reason you chose ( Name The Chosen Card), which is the only card in the pack with a Red / Blue Back - (the opposite to the backs that can be clearly seen as you spread the cards).

You or the spectator now just turns over the chosen card to reveal the astounding miracle, which I can assure you will amaze your audience. (FIG. 10)

FIG. 9

FIG. 10

This is much more difficult to explain that it is to prepare and perform, so please don't pass it by. - It's a wonderful effect and gets a tremendous response.

WARNING: As someone who has a genuine interest in Magic it is very important that you do not disclose any Magical Secrets to others and always ensure that you practice your effects well, in order to ensure that the magical secrets are Not Revealed and that the Entertainment Value of Magic is retained at its fullest.

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